Endings and Beginnings

The end of a great beginning and start of the next chapter.
I'm so thankful to have had such an incredible upbringing in San Jose and getting to spend the last 4 years of my life at two great high schools.  Today marks the official time for me to move on as I walked across the stage this morning and got my diploma. So beyond thankful for my gifts from my family and their support for me to follow my dreams this fall.  My freshman year I started out so nervous to take on the big kid land of ninth through twelfth grade after just getting my braces off and leaving middle school.  I ended up transferring my sophomore year and going into a new school with the same nerves.  As time goes on everyone manages to make it through them and find lifelong friends like I did.  My friends and I have made the greatest memories I could never forget even if they are good or bad.

My morning started off in a rush of happiness and nerves which meant I barely even needed an alarm, which is so strange for me.  I looked forward to this day for months and months of my senior year, and now that it's finally here it brings back all the eventful things throughout these years.  I'll miss my days of cheer and dance or waking up to go share secrets with my best friends, but that couldn't stop my excitement I have for my plans in the future with my amazing boyfriend as we take on LA together. High school comes with a ton of ups and downs but there's always someone there when you really need it, and once you make it to the end its a bittersweet feeling of relief!

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