How to: Arrange Roses

 Click below to see how I arrange roses for my room! Not only are fresh flowers beautiful but they're also good for our mental health. They tend to brighten up a room and reduce anxiety. I keep them on my nightstand so I wake up and fall asleep to them. I also have an orchid and succulent in my room because plants add a soft touch to an all white environment. I'm currently obsessed with the look of cut stems through a clear vase so follow the steps through the link below if you are too!

Start off with a fresh dozen of roses! I look for the tightest ones when I'm buying them because they'll last longer. They'll eventually nicely open up once you display them at home, but this way you can enjoy them for a couple days longer. These are from the Los Angeles Flower District that I scored for only $9. They sell two dozen roses for only $10 there so if you're looking to stock up stop by!

Initially, to fit them into a small square/round vase cut off the leaves and thorns if there are any. I like to make a short bundle out of them for my room.

Next, grab your vase and fill it with water. You can add flower food at this point if you have any! The small square vase I use, which is pictured above, is from Ikea and was probably like 2 or 3 dollars. I'm beyond obsessed with that stores budget considering I'm a broke college student!

Using regular Scotch  or florist tape create a grid on the top of the vase. I did 3 rows across and 2 down to create a separate spot for a dozen roses. The tape pictured is a thin Scotch Matte Finish Magic Tape from a regular grocery store.

Trim the stems to your desired length. I usually cut them short enough that just the flower bud is past the tape grid lines. Arrange the flowers until you love them!

And you're done! White roses are my nightstand staple. I'll be including more How To posts and a tour of my new apartment/room on my blog soon! Thanks for reading

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